Many people are suffering from poverty, homelessness, hunger, depression, and lack of employment.  Here is what Inspiring Truth plans to do about it.

 Inspiring Truth was established January 15, 2015. Within the last five years, our organization achieved so many goals!


May 2020, Inspiring Truth was able to raise over $2000 to help feed the homeless community and clothed many individuals. 

Inspiring Truth is distinctive from several organizations in how it was initiated by an individual's vision without the financial backing of any other entity. Inspiring Truth is funded by the wonderful citizens of Durham and many other areas near and far who stand in agreement that change desperately needs to happen. Inspiring Truth prides itself on going out showing people that we care about them and we want to make a change. Accolades are not what this organization is about. We simply strive to see a major impact in improving the needs of disadvantaged people.


With the help of you all we will succeed and make a difference!